rev 7.9

Rev 7.9 - Youth Rallies:

Rev 7.9 is a co-op of inter-denominational churches and ministries that work together to have youth rallies throughout the city.

The youth rallies began when ten interdenominational senior pastors, youth pastors and missionaries united to pray for revival. The first meeting was held on 4/27/10 in San Antonio, Texas.

These pastors were kingdom minded and made a commitment to work together; to serve God beyond the walls of their churches.

Rev 7.9 is based on Revelation 7:9 (All nations. All tribes. All languages.)


Campus Crusade – Destino Movement
Community Bible Church
Crusaders for Christ Ministry
First Mexican Baptist Church
Fortress Church
Grace Church
Light House Christian Temple
South San Filadelfia Church
Spanish Christian Church
Young Life Ministry


We work together as partners who belong to God. 1 Cor 3:9